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Monday Minute: Why would anyone give this gift to a 13 year old?

IMG_0433 (1)James is turning 13 on September 16th (what????) and the gifts have started to arrive. Upon coming home from school James opened a box and read the card (as we have trained him to do) on top first. “Oooohh, I think it’s chopsticks!” he exclaimed, rummaging around inside. A moment later he resurfaced looking confused. “These are not the chopsticks I asked for,” he muttered. I glanced over – James was holding up a stack of neatly folded white washcloths, tied with a bow. He looked into the box again. “What the—?”

Now I was curious, so I got up and peeked. “Espresso cups?” I mused. I read the card, which mentioned that the gift would be good for a sushi-lover like James. “What in the world do you need these for? Someone must have made a mistake, bud,” I announced. “I’ll call your Aunt Nancy and let her know.”

You can imagine my surprise when I was informed that the gift was in no way a mistake, but rather a direct result of this post. I walked back into the living room to where James was sitting. “You are not going to believe this, but those towels and cups are for you – they’re tea cups and hot towels for a fancy sushi dinner this weekend.”

James’s face instantly changed from concerned to delighted. “Get ready for the full sushi experience!” he exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.

Now if only I was as prepared for James to become a teenager…


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