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Monday Minute: This Is NOT Fancy

Makizushi_Tekkamaki_1We survived the trip back from a whirlwind week in Buffalo, but once home needed dinner in a pinch. Naturally, we went to the family standby – sushi. I set the table with small plates to encourage slower consumption and put out chopsticks for flair (and let’s be real here, slower consumption). In any case, I’m sure you won’t have to investigate too hard to discover that I’m not running a 4-star sushi establishment here. Just ask James.

Me (sitting down at the table) Well, this sure is fancy. What do you think?

Margaret: Yeah!

Adam (mouth full): More, please.

Me: Please don’t put two pieces at a time in your mouth… can you at least wait for grace?

James (looking concerned) Mom…

Me: What’s wrong? Sushi is your favorite!

James (hand to head): Oh…

Me: What? Spit it out.

James: Well, there’s usually something else…

Me: Seriously? Like what? I have tuna, salmon, even shrimp mango – what is missing?

James: Well…. like hot cups of tea.

Me: Um, really?

James: Yeah, when I get sushi they bring them to me in little steaming cups.

Me: I hope you’ll survive.

James (continues to look worried): Oh…

Me: Adam, one sushi roll per chopstick please.

Adam (mouth full): It’s not a chopstick it’s a sword!

James: Mom…

Me: What?! Eat your sushi!

James: …and also a hot towel is missing before my meal.

Me: James, you are too much.

James: For my face.

Me: I know what it’s for. Why do you suddenly need one?

James: It creates the full sushi experience.

Me: Well, maybe you can get royal treatment for your birthday.

James: …and a sushi pinata?

Me: What? You hate pinatas.

James: But Margaret got a strawberry one last time.

Me: Oh is that the tradition now? What happened to picking a special birthday dinner and a cake?

James: Well, I’d like a sushi cake.

Me: Like the shape? I could probably swing that. Chocolate on the outside with white cake inside?

James: No seaweed on the outside.

Me; The chocolate will look like the seaweed.

James: That’s gross …and for dinner I want you to make sushi.

Me: As always.

James: …with hot towels.

Me: Deal.

James: and tea.

Me: What about Chuck E Cheese?

James: What about a sushi roll pinata with tuna?

Me: I could probably do that if you help me.

Margaret: What will come out when you hit it, James?

James: Sushi.

Me: Hmmmm, probably not. Maybe swedish fish?

James: I think tuna.

Margaret: May I please have more sushi?

Me: Yes, since you asked so nicely!

Margaret: I’m being fancy (hold up pinky finger).

James: This is not fancy.

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