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Monday Minute: What “Everyone Poops” Didn’t Tell You – Poop or Die

We are definitely one of the reasons tourists say they’ve seen and heard it all on the NYC subway.

Adam: Mooommmm, I’m poopy!

Me: Great, well you’re going to have to wait til we get off the train and I’ll change you in the stroller.

Adam: But you’re the poop helper.

Me: Wow, that’s a great name.

Margaret: No, her name is Princess.

James: No, she’s a poop helper, not a princess.

Margaret: But that is not a beautiful name, “Mom Princess” is a beautiful girl name!

Me: Thank you Margaret.

Adam: No! She’s poop helper!

James: Yeah! She’s not a princess!

Me (catching some snickers from nearby riders): Okay, guys, just drop it for now. Adam, I wish you didn’t poop on the subway – not great timing, bub.

James: If you don’t poop you’ll die.

Me: What?!

James: If you don’t poop you’ll die, right?

Me: Well, I suppose eventually… seriously, though, drop it.

James (looks at the man next to us) Poop or die.

(man casually gets bags and stands up)

Me: James. Look at me. (I shake my head “no” vigorously)

James: And then you’ll be nothing but skin, bones and blood.

Margaret: What?! Grooooossss! (Adam laughs)

Me: Enough! I can’t believe you sometimes…

James: Believe it, Mom.

  1. Brandi
    April 23, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Lol!!! That was a good one! I think every few years your “Monday Minute” needs to be made into a book. A compilation of the years “Mondays.”

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