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Sanity Saver #2: Be A Wet Blanket, But In A Fun Way

These little spray bottles have come in handy so many times I buy them in six-packs – the kids LOVE them. Okay, and I love them (especially at less than $2 per spray bottle). With the beginning of spray bottle season upon us, here are just a few of the ways we’ve already used our 2013 models:

1. Cleaning the deck. Getting ready for dinner and kids are underfoot? Go clean the deck so we can eat dinner outside. Friends coming over? Go clean the deck so you can play outside. Kids driving me crazy?  Go. Clean. The. Deck.      Now.

2. Water wars. A water gun fight with mist somehow seems less offensive, right? Plus the spray bottles are more durable, and need to be refilled less often than a water pistol. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

3. Cooling down. There have already been a few hot days this season that got a little whiny at the end of a long, hard day at the playground, and there will surely be many (many, many) more this summer. Our bottles are small enough to fit into my backpack, so as soon as everyone starts having a meltdown I pull them out. The change in attitudes is like magic, only real.

4. Non-flooding bathtub fun. Unlike most of our bath toys, as long as the nozzle is set to mist, not stream, it is almost impossible for even my children to flood the bathroom playing with these. Yet they remain one of the most requested items during bath/shower time, even persuading James to get into the shower without the usual agony.

Spray Bottles In Their Glory

5. Watering the plants. The kids really enjoy watering the plants. Doing so via mist takes a lot longer than dumping a cup of water into the pots, thereby prolonging the experience, not drowning the bean sprouts, and “being more like the rain.” As you can see from this shot, Margaret is carefully watering her lima beans, up close and personal. You might also notice Adam sneaking my iced tea while he thinks I’m busy admiring the spray bottles. They’re not that magic, bub.

6. A fun way to clean hands and feet. Especially good for ice cream drips and sand, two things my kids specialize in during the summer.

7. Non-toxic bug repellent. My kids (and I) run screaming from bees. And in Margaret and Adam’s cases, flies or any insect that could potentially be a bee. The spray bottle is more humane than swatting them (and safer), plus it’s a big bonus for me if they actually shoot one and scare it off.

8. Helping to clean around the house. None of my kids are to be trusted with a bottle of spray cleaner, no matter how non-toxic it is (I have found James alternating sips and sprays of the water/vinegar mixture on more than one occasion). What can they clean with a warm bottle of water and paper towel? Kitchen floors and counters, the dining room table, highchair surfaces and let’s not forget those baby toys!

9. “James, no more ipod.” Is usually followed by “What?! Come on!” But if I respond with, “Why don’t you go out and play with your spray bottle?” He usually says, “Oh, okay!” Now that’s worth more than $2 right there.

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