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Monday Minute: Matters of the Heart (Attack)

After eating leftover enchiladas for breakfast, James rushed upstairs so I could brush his teeth before the bus arrived. Apparently the stairs were a bit of a workout…

Me: Jaaammmeesss! Come up to brush before you’re late!

James (hurrying in, out of breath): Mom, my heart is beating too fast.

Me: From running upstairs?

James: My heart is full of spice from those enchiladas.

Me: What?

James: My heart’s beating fast because it’s full of spice.

Me (brushing his teeth): I doubt it.

James (with mouth full of toothpaste): Some people get heart cancer when their hearts stop beating.

Me: Heart cancer?

James: Could be.

Me: No. Spit.

James (spits, mutters): Heart attack.

Me: What?

James: I think it could be a….

Me: No. It’s not. Your heart is working just fine, pumping blood in your body from walking up the stairs.

James: I think my heart is having trouble telling my brain what to do.

Me: Well, some people have that problem. For most people, our brains tell our hearts what to do, though.

James: Yikes!

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