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Monday Minute: Fools (Prefer) Gold

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! As the legend goes (according to “The Leprechaun Trap” with some embellishments by yours truly), leprechauns sneak into Irish homes to cause mischief so traps must be set to catch them. When a leprechaun inevitably yet narrowly escapes the trap he drops some of his gold, then continues to lose it in a random fashion all over the house as he frantically tries to escape. The children must collect the gold and if they put it under their pillows it will turn into chocolate the next morning.

Now you’re all caught up on where we were this morning when I went in to wake James up.

Me: Rise and shine!

James: I’m really tired.

Me: I know, me too. Hey, did you check your coins?

James (sits straight up): What?

Me: Your gold coins – did you check under your pillow?

James: You mean my shelf.

Me: Not under your pillow?

James: No, right there. I don’t want a leprechaun under my pillow.

Me: They’re not scary, just a little tricky.

James: If there was a leprechaun in my pillow I might squish him, right?

Me: Gotcha.

James (getting up and peering into his bag of gold): It’s still here…

Me: Is it chocolate? (it weighs at least double what it had the night before)

James: I don’t know.

Me (opening one and showing it to him): Oh, I think so.

James: Mom! That. Is. Chocolate.

Me: I see that!

James: Whoa.

Me: Those tricky leprechauns, changing our gold into chocolate.

James (pops coin into mouth): Yeah, those cute little guys. I prefer chocolate instead of gold.

Me: Really?

James: Yes. Those leprechauns should not change this back to gold. (starts to open another coin)

Me: I guess the trick’s on them, then.

James: Yeah, we’ll trick them and change their chocolate into gold! (starts to open another coin)

Me (gently prying bag out of James’ hands): Okay, let’s limit ourselves to just a few coins since it’s 6 in the morning.

James: Mom, they’re not coins, they’re all chocolate now.


Hard to argue with that logic.

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