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Top Ten: Things My Toddler “Destroyed” Today

Even though I start them all the time, I haven’t had the time to finish a Top Ten in a long while. This evening I was finally working on one while the kids were occupied (or so I thought) when James came up and started reading over my shoulder.

James: The Central Park Challenge?

Me: Yep, it’s almost here again.

James: You should do a Top Ten Things Adam Destroyed.

Me (laughing): No kidding – I bet you could write it for me.

James: He has your makeup in the bathroom.

Me (not laughing): Dammit!

After I finished cleaning up the lipstick/foundation mural and issuing yet another timeout, I came back down to save my draft and had a much needed chuckle as I read the last line on the screen:

Adam destroyed moms makeup eggs box of wipes pirates booty two bags and pudding today.

Well, that was easy. Could I come up with five more and actually finish a Top Ten? Unfortunately, the answer was YES.

Adam also “destroyed:”

6. 2 bottles of food coloring, blue and red.

7. cup of finger paint, orange (dumped onto bathroom floor)

8. Box of memory cards (to be fair, these were not destroyed so much as sprinkled gently from the third floor staircase)

9. Bottle of vinegar cleaning spray (trying to cover his tracks after sprinkling Pirate’s Booty all over the basement)

10. Tube of toothpaste (also on bathroom floor, though completely separate from finger paint)

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