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Monday Minute: Daylight Savings Time Strikes Again

Waking James up in the morning is always a special joy in my life, but Mondays are often the hardest. Still suffering from the loss of a precious hour over the weekend I approached his room this morning with no small amount of dread. And a plan. Little did I know that James had been secretly forming a counterattack.

(5:55am, feeling like 4:55)

Me: Good morning, James. Time to rise and shine!

James: (squints out window) Nope, it’s still dark out.

Me: Well, it’s time to get up. And – if you get up amazingly fast and eat a good breakfast I will let you browse the app store on the ipod.

James: Mom. I’m. So. Tired.

Me; Me too. What do you want on your bagel before you look at the app store this morning?

James: Mom.

Me: Peanut butter or cream cheese? After you eat it then you can turn on your ipod and look for a new game.

James: Mooommmmm…… peanut butter.

Me: Okay, great. So…. get up out of bed. You only have a little time to find just the right app.

James: It’s so hard.

Me: But looking at the apps would be so fun this morning. If you get dressed fast enough, maybe even a ghostbuster game.

James: (sits up) Two games.

Me: Pardon?

James: I need two games because it’s so dark out.

Me: You haven’t even stood up yet. One game, if you get dressed in time. Come on.

James: (stands up) I’m standing. Two plus one equals three games at the app store.

Me: One minus one is zero if you don’t put your pants on.

James (pausing): Paranormal blast.

Me: What?

James: So I’ll just take Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast.

Me: Pants.

James: (sighs, starts to get dressed) And peanut butter.

Me: Deal.


  1. December 15, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Por fin tengo el juego y me salio baratito

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