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NYC Bus Strike Updates (Or Lack Thereof)

Click here for the latest news on the NYC bus strike, now in its fourth week. It sounds like roughly 60-70% of special ed families are finding a way to get to school on a regular basis. As one of them I can attest that it’s not easy, though nothing compared to what this guy is going through to get there, or how this family is dealing without school at all.

Curious – has anyone received reimbursement from the city yet? If so, what was the turn around time once you submitted all of the necessary paperwork? Feel free to email me or post info into the comments section.

  1. K
    February 14, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Your school should be submitting paperwork on your behalf – you then contact specific cab companies directly. Those companies are paid directly by the city – no reimbursement needed. Paperwork needs to be resubmitted every ten rides, but…free, and no reimbursement hassle. If your school isn’t doing it, ask your parent coordinator about it. Most parents in my school are using it and no one has had a problem yet.

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