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Monday Minute: Just Another Manic (Mon)Day

After another oh-so-fun wake up of James this morning that included being kicked at (he said he was just trying to kick the covers), being called a bully, and James smacking himself dramatically in the forehead while loudly groaning “I’m too tired ” for 25 minutes, I was pretty done with him and he knew it. And, as usual, by the time he came downstairs for breakfast, he was dressed, smiling and ready to (intensely) pretend the last half hour didn’t happen. Having been up since 4am with my 3-month old, I wasn’t in the mood to let him off so easily. But you have to give the kid an A for effort…

(sitting at the dining room table as I bring his breakfast out):

J: Good morning, Mom!

Me: Here’s your breakfast.

J: So, how could I try to be good?

Me: Get up in the morning without screaming like a lunatic.

J: No, I’ll be good at school.

Me: How about in the morning?

J: No, that’s so hard.

M: Well, you need to be good at both places. This is nonsense.

J (shakes head in disgust, mutters softly): It’s too hard. (to me) I said I’ll be good. See? (smiles)

Me: Fine.

J (softly): At school.

Me: What?

J: Do you remember on the train when we saw lightning in the clouds?

Me: What?

J: Yeah, on Amtrak.

Me: Like 2 years ago?

J: Yeah a few weeks ago. Hey, can you smell the sugar in my coffee?

Me: You have to have an awful lot in there if you can smell it.

J: So I rode Amtrak and guess what – there was a bathroom on the train! Right on the train! Can you believe that?

Me: James, you’ve been on many trains before – they all have bathrooms.

J: Do you remember when I was on Amtrak and crazy grandma let me get a giant oreo cookie?

Me (returning to kitchen): Nope.

J (to Adam): Hey, stop touching my water!

Me: Don’t talk to your brother if you can’t be calm. I’ve had enough of your drama today.

J: I don’t want him to look at my water.

Me: Seriously?

J (to Adam): Moms coffee is really gross so don’t touch it. (sees me coming into room and smiles big at me) Espresso is a kind of coffee right mom?

Me: Yes, but that’s not espresso.

J: So what kind of coffee is there?

Me: Hmm?

J: In the world?

Me: What? There’s lots of types.

J: Yeah, like machine coffee…sugar coffee…dark coffee… all those kinds. You know, when I’m old enough I’m going to lead a big marching band (starts imitating a guitar).

Me: Wow, this conversation is really weird.

J: What instrument do you want to play?

Me: I play instruments already, as you know.

J: Yeah, me too. The guitar.

(Margaret comes down, fake crying)

Me: What’s wrong?

M: My mouth hurts.

Me: In your mouth like your throat or your teeth?

M: My neck.

Me: Drink some water.

J: Drink some water.

M: It still hurts.

Me: Drink more than a drop.

J: Drink more than a drop, Margaret.

Me: Quiet, please…

J: Sorry.

M: I think I need some juice.

Me: Do you want medicine?

J: Do you want medicine?

M: No!

Me: No need to get worked up.

J: Yeah, no need to –

Me: Hey, would you just be quiet?! Stop copying me!

J: Sheesh mom.

Me: You need to go get your shoes on.

J: You said –

Me: Now.

J: Sheesh. But you said you had enough being grumpy in the morning –

Me: Now.

J (whispers) sheesh.

  1. January 31, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    Michaela – I loved this! Actually once when we were taking the train we had stopped in TGI Fridays and we did share a dessert that was a big oreo cookie with ice cream. So that part is accurate. Just not on the train! I miss him so much – hopefully I can get down to see you all soon; Love, Anne

  2. Maureen
    January 29, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Sounds like my mornings with Chris when he was a child! You are just supposed to get on with it and pretend like the bad behavior never happened! Really?? I don’t know how you do it Michaela!

  3. Brandi Rocchio
    January 29, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Sounds like a rough morning!!

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