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Monday Minute: Just When I Thought I’d Heard It All

With Ryan working long hours again, I served a kid-favorite dinner – individual pot pies. It’s also a sneaky way to get them to eat gobs of vegetables – when the pot pie is “empty,” I refill the tin with peas and carrots – sometimes my toddlers make it through 2 veggie pot pies before dinner’s over.

With 3 children eating enthusiastically I was giving myself a silent pat on the back. Out loud, however, I was reminding certain children that it was in fact okay to breathe in between bites and that yes, it was really gross when peas fell from his mouth onto his plate. Though table manners are a constant debate in this household, I was still unprepared for what came next.


Me: Adam, do you need more peas?

A: Yes please.

Me: What about you Margaret? They’re almost gone.

M: No, thanks.

Me: James?

(I look over, where James is silently weeping into his hands)

Me: James? What in the world is the matter?

J: I can’t believe it.

Me: What?

J: I just can’t believe I ate so fast. (sobs)

Me: What? Are you serious?

J: (slides empty pie tin toward me) It’s gone. The whole pie is empty. I ate too fast and it’s gone.

Me: I tried to warn you – everyone else is still eating because –

J: (shoves empty pie tin toward me) I need another one.

Me: You can have peas and carrots, but I don’t have any more pies.

J: (smacks forehead) What?! Oh, God….

Me: Watch your mouth and for goodness sakes stop crying. This is ridiculous.

M: (singing) Be good for goodness sakes, right mom?

J: Be quiet, you!

Me: Calm down.

J: She’s teasing me!

M: I’m just singing for goodness sakes… (she’s definitely teasing)

A: (singing softly) You better watch out… (looks at me to see if he’s in trouble)

J: Stop it now! This is serious!

(M and A softly continue “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”)

Me: Come on guys, cut it out.

J: Mom – you stop laughing right now.

Me: James, calm down.

J: I can’t believe I ate so fast. (buries face into hands)

Me: Maybe this will remind you next time to slow down. It’s a good lesson learned.

J: The lesson is that you need to make more pot pies.


Yep, no ipod either.

  1. jplomin
    December 22, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Read this out loud to Matt and we are both laughing out loud – love it!

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