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Monday Minute: handfulsofprotein.com, anyone?

This morning James was a little off after a restless night. I’m thinking “handfuls of protein” is way more catchy than binders of women, right?

James is in italics, I’m in bold.


(the third time) James, hurry up, we have to brush teeth before the bus gets here.

(ambling over to the stairs) So mom, that cereal has a lot of protein.

Oh yeah?

But not sodium (sounds disappointed).

Well, sodium is salt – you don’t want alot of sodium because it’s not healthy.

Yeah, only on pretzels? It’s healthy in chips too.

Nope, still not healthy. Please, please go into the bathroom.

Bleh. Sodium is gross, right mom?


But at least I had 3 handfuls of protein today.

3 handfuls?

Yeah, I ate some with my hands. And one hundred spoonfuls of it (trips over the baby bouncer and falls to the ground)

Good grief, whats going on with you this morning, James?

I think I must need more protein.

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