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Monday Minute: Holiday Hangover

After a packed holiday weekend, I was surprised when James joined me in the kitchen Monday morning at 5:45am, dressed and ready.

Or so I thought.

James is in italics, I am in bold.

What are you doing up so early?

I came down for my eggs.

What eggs?

For breakfast.

Would you like eggs?


Ok, go put your socks on and I’ll make you some breakfast.

(10 minutes later)


(calls down from room) Yeah?

Do you have your socks on?

Yes, I’m putting them on.

Ok, breakfast is on the table.

(10 minutes later)

James, come down to eat your eggs, they’re getting cold!

Okay, mom.

(10 minutes later)


I’m tired!

Bring your socks down and sit at the table.

(stomping down the stairs) I’m too tired.

Eat your eggs.

(20 minutes later)

Eat your eggs, you asked for them!

I am.

The bus will be here soon.

I’m not late!

You need to hurry up.

I’m done.

Get your socks on, then.

(10 minutes later)

My socks are on.

How about some shoes and a coat?

It’s not time.

It is.


(5 minutes later)

Can I play my ipod?

The bus will be here any second.

But I got up early and good!

It’s here, hurry up and put your backpack on.

Can I have my eggs?

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