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Top Ten: Reasons I’m Giving Thanks This Holiday

In a month filled with medical crises, epic storms, unexpected bills and chaotic schedules it is more important than ever to reflect on all I have to be thankful for (and still easier than ever).

As the holiday season arrives in full force, I’m truly grateful for:

1. Our health. After a month like this, health seems to be the most obvious. Nothing screams gratitude like checking your 3-week old out of the hospital, again.

2. A roof. It may not be pretty, or even 100% functional post-Sandy, but it is bigger than three and a half of our old apartment.

3. The kindness of friends and relatives, near and far. Though I’m embarrassingly behind on my thank you notes, it is nice to need so many of them. Between buying a house, 3 birthdays and a new baby this Fall we had already been hit with a tidal wave of well wishes, prayers, cards and gifts. Then Sandy hit and Ian got sick, and the amount of love and support sent our way was as powerful as any hurricane. Whether a kind card or phone call, a hot meal, a ride home from the hospital or helping out with the kids, it was all deeply touching and sincerely appreciated.

4. Limo rides to the hospital. We’ve also been amazed by the kindness of strangers. When Ian was in the PICU we were having trouble finding a car service to take us back and forth because of the gas crisis. Though they said no at first, upon learning we were trying to get to the hospital, our local car service sent us their last car with gas – a limo. Friendly delivery men, pleasant receptionists, the rare gentleman who carries my stroller up the subway stairs, you may not realize it but some days you are the remaining shred of sanity I’ve been clinging to.

5. Best friends. It’s my personal belief that having good friends to talk to, laugh with and lean on is important for general happiness (and daily sanity). Living out life with your very best friend is nothing short of miraculous.

6. The noise, noise, noise, noise. Or in other words, my children. But nothing makes you thankful for your two year old’s daily tantrums like listening to the toddler in the hospital room next door scream all night for his mom and dad. I even missed the bedtime routine. No, really.

7. Modern, modern medicine. Where to start? I’m grateful for the horrific tests that diagnosed Ian’s problem, the (somewhat rude) surgeon who saved his life, the slew of doctors and daily medications that help James function, and the email that allows me to text pictures of incisions back and forth to our pediatrician. And a special shout out to good old-fashioned medical care. Our pediatrician, who shall remain nameless only because I fear everyone will want to use him, is an angel. Whether it be the 11pm phone call to check on Ian’s incision, the immediate response to a medical situations at James’s school, or rearranging his schedule to accommodate mine (no joke), I could not possibly be more grateful to have him in our lives.

8. Same goes for James’s teachers. Above and beyond doesn’t begin to describe it- James’s teachers seem as invested in his academic success and emotional well-being as we are, from the morning bus driver to the administration. In particular, James’s homeroom teacher has set the bar impossibly high for the years to come with her dedication to teaching and to James.

9. Enough. We may not be rich, but even with the many unexpected hospital and house repair bills of late we still had enough leftover for a feast, not just for us but to share with our family as well.

10. I’m grateful for the people in this photo as well as the ones who took it, the day we all spent together, and the fact that all of us, including James, are looking at the camera.

Hoping you are off to a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

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