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Monday Minute: Veteran’s Day

On the way home from the park today…

Me (to Margaret): James is home from school to celebrate a holiday. What holiday is it, James?

J: Thanksgiving.

Me: What?

J: Um……. I mean, Veteran’s Day.

Me: Right, and what do we celebrate on Veteran’s Day?

J: Our veterans.

Me: Can you tell your brother and sister what a veteran is?

J: Someone who fought in a war for our country.

Me: Very good!

J: They are very brave. Like guys that did battle in the American Revolution. They battled for America against the bad guys.

Margaret: With a light saber?

James: No. With a rifle. And a sword.

Adam: Pew pew!


5 minutes later

J: So………. what holiday is it?

Adam: Thanksgiving. Pew pew pew!

J: No, Veteran’s day. Veterans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.


We’re getting there…

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