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Halloween Recap (Photo Edition)

Last night we squeezed some much needed normal into a week that’s been anything but. With the help of a friend we had a tiny Halloween party complete with hot dog jellyfish, cheese/pretzel witch brooms and finger sandwiches. We bobbed for apples, donned our costumes and hit the streets (the ones without trees down).

So we may not have gas, or dairy products, or fresh produce, or clean laundry, or school, or even a whole roof over our heads, but you know what we do have? Candy. A LOT of it.  So don’t worry, there’s no way we will starve during this crisis, and the candy really helps the kids deal with being stuck in the house for an entire week with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

We have been moved by the resilience, bravery and compassion we’ve seen all over the city and are prouder than ever to be New Yorkers. We hope this post finds you safe and recovering, and not in line for a bus.

Happy Halloween, whatever day it falls on this year!

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