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Monday Minute: Sandy Visits Our House – Structural Damage vs. Power Outages

As much as we’ve enjoyed our time together, Sandy, it’s time for you to be on your way.

Text conversation with my brother today:

Me: So our skylight just blew out of our roof and broke, leaving a gaping hole right over our bedroom.

Brother: Whoa, that’s crazy. Are the kids scared or oblivious?

Me: We’re scared, they’re excited.

Brother: What about James?

Me: He’s under a blanket.

Brother: Poor James.

Me: Nah – he’s fine as long as the power doesn’t go out. He keeps asking how much electricity we have left in the house.

Brother: No Wii.

Me: Omg that too. But it’s the nightlight – if he doesn’t have it for tonight the roof will be the least of our problems.

Brother: Better stock up on batteries and flashlights.

Me: And melatonin!


Talking to James 10 minutes later:

Me: So can you believe the skylight blew away?

James: Really?

Me: Yeah, that’s what Dad was doing upstairs. There’s a hole to outside right now.

James (excitedly) Nice!

Me: Then why were you under the blanket?

James: I like it under there to watch my ipod.

Me: You should leave your ipod to charge in case the power goes out.

James: We have enough electricity.


During dinner:

Ryan: …just in case we lose power we should run the dishwasher now.

James: (grumpily) We don’t need to lose power, dad.

Ryan: Okay, we probably won’t but just in case.

James: We won’t. (grumbling) we have enough power here.


In bed:

James: Mom, you need to fix that flickering.

Me: Okay, I can turn the light off instead…

James; No, just fix the light.

Me: (turn light off and on) Okay, fixed.

James: Will it stop blinking now?

Me: If you close your eyes and go to sleep it will definitely stop.

James: Mom.

Me: Or I can turn it off and it will stop.

James: Mom.

Me: James. Good night.

James: It’s flickering again.

Me: Good niiiiggghhhhtt!


Here’s to hoping the nightlight stays on. And the roof.

  1. Brandi Rocchio
    October 30, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Aside from the house damage, hope you all were nice and safe! Keep us posted!!
    Love y’all!

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