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OPWDD Survey On Strengthening The System – Make Yourself Heard

Thank you to Margaret Puddington for sharing this information:


Dear Friends and Colleagues:
As you know, there are many changes underway within our service delivery system. Because of your involvement, reforms that have been implemented or are in development now, are making our system stronger every day. We want to keep our progress going, and continue to empower all stakeholders in a meaningful way.
OPWDD is currently reviewing all of the laws, regulations and memorandum that exist across our system and impact our work – and we need your feedback on any changes that you believe are necessary to better meet our mission of enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities through our four primary goals: home, health, meaningful relationships and activities in the community. 
We have set up an online survey, which can be completed anonymously. Upon viewing the link, you will see that one survey is for individuals and advocates, while a second is written for service providers (direct support professionals, clinicians, organization management) and quality improvement staff.
For individuals and families, we are interested in knowing what requirements prevent you from having the life you want, as well as the requirements that have value to you and should not be changed. For service providers, we want to know what requirements prevent you from providing quality person-centered services, as well as the requirements you value most in your work.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness, and taking the time to participate in this important survey. Please share this information with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Anyone without internet access can call 518-474-3625.
Commissioner Burke
P.S. Communication is critical to our collective success, and OPWDD’s Facebook page is a great place for individuals, family members, employees, advocates, and other stakeholders to exchange thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to join the conversation.
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