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Top Ten: Things We’re Looking Forward To On Vacation This Week

Let this serve as an official explanation as to why I am not posting during the next week as well as this week’s Top Ten. Everyone in the family contributed to this one while I frantically packed – see if you can guess who said what (yes, some of these are direct quotes)!


Top Ten: Things We’re Looking Forward To On Vacation This Week

1. Time together as a family.

2. The swimming pools.

3. Raging Waters Waterpark. I’m going on the biggest water slide. Me too. No, I’m going down and screaming. I’m screaming too.

4. The beach. What about the beach? Finding some fish and catching them with my net. Fish? Or a crab. Or maybe a shark.

5. Hot water (our building has been without for over a week, it’s insane).

6. The roller coaster at Morey’s Piers. I’m going on the roller coaster too. No I’m going on it and screaming like this – ahhhhh! No, I’m screaming too.

7. Delicious boardwalk food. Yum, saltwater taffy. No I meant like junk food. You know, fried dough? Taffy is junk food. No, taffy is candy.

8. Riding on the monster trucks (I’ll give you a hint, this one is not mine). They’re so loud though. They’re cool.

9. I really want to make time for a morning on the family bikes while we can still fit onto one of them.

10. Jetskiing. Are you sure – it looks kind of bumpy and wet. Yeah, dad will take me. And me! And me! No, you have to be 10 or more years old.


When we get back I’ll let you know who said what (and which of these events actually took place). Make sure to check out upcoming events starting next week – I’m already getting RSVPs for the 6th!

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