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Top Ten: Reasons My Dad Is Cool (by James)

Who better to guest post about special needs dads on this blog than the J-man himself? As a non-stop talker on any walk over 10 minutes long, James has come up with many a “Top Ten” list in his time. Last weekend he started a Top Ten list of things that happen to a car when it crashes, so I gently offered an alternative list in preparation of Father’s Day. “How about a top ten list about dad?” I asked. “Sure,” James readily agreed. “How about top ten reasons my dad is cool?” “How about Top Ten things you like to do with dad, or reasons you love dad?” “Nah, top ten reasons dad is cool.”

So here it is, dictated by James with my own occasional sidebar in italics. I have to admit, I was impressed with some of the things he came up with. Who said this kid can’t pay attention (besides me)?


Top Ten Reasons My Dad Is Cool

by James Rejack


1. He’s nice and goes to work all the time for our family. He takes the subway in a cool suit with cool hair.

2. He plays catch with me. He coaches my baseball team – you know, the Grizzlies.

3. He makes snacks for me like ramen noodles.

4. He takes me for long bike rides on the tandem bike.

5. We have a lot of fun walking to school together (really? hmmm…) He gives me a hug and kiss and heads to work and I go to school.

6. I like his hairy beard. (What beard?) His beard at the beach. (Ohhhhhh, his vacation beard.)

7. He reads me books like The Sneetches.

8. He drives us to places in cool cars. Last time I got to sit up front in a blue pickup truck.

9. He takes me on good vacations like Pennsylvania. Remember, Amish Country and the farm? (Really? Out of all of our vacations that’s your favorite?)

10. He likes to laugh a lot.

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