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Special Needs Soccer Fall 2012 – Registration open now until June 15th!

Passing along information from Head Coach, Jim Karpe:


Dear Challenger, Champion and VIP families-
West Side Soccer League registration for the Fall is now open. We play in Central Park, on the West side just above 96th Street, on Sundays in the late morning and early afternoon.
In soccer we are the VIP division.  Cost is $120 per child.  Full scholarships available, covering all costs except a $10 fee.
The league supplies uniform, shin guards, balls.  Pretty much everything except the shoes and the kid.
I strongly recommend trying soccer.  Each of the sports has its charms, of course.  Basketball is fast moving, and has never once been rained out. And my son loves to play.  Baseball is a cultural touch point, and we have a beautiful spot near the river. And my daughter loves the game.
In my eyes, one of the great things about soccer is that all you need is one child and a ball, and you are playing.  It scales up from that all the way up to a full-size game on a full-size field.  But the essence of the game– controlling the movement of the ball through space with your feet– that happens right from the start.  And for our population it is especially good as there is very little in the way of waiting around.  We play “short-sided” games, to make sure every child is getting a lot of chances to touch the ball and make game-time decisions.  Please sign up and tell a friend.  We had 60 players last season, but can accomodate many more — we can take possession of the fields as early on Sundays as we need to.
VIP Soccer Head Coach
  1. Mildred J. Flores
    June 12, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Your blog is amazing. I’ve been looking for affordable special needs sports programs for a long time. I just registered my son for soccer, going to look at what else I can get him into. Thank you so much for sharing all your information!

    • June 12, 2012 at 10:36 pm

      It’s my pleasure! Look forward to meeting you at soccer this Fall!

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