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Monday Minute: Back On Track For Track

I know it’s not Monday but you could’ve fooled me (and I freely admit, I was fooled this morning). After a month worth of Mondays that have been a little “off,” I was delighted to experience a refreshed, incredibly pleasant version of James this morning. It’s amazing what the extra day at home did for him (and too bad that the chaos of the end-of-the-year school week is probably going to make this miraculous change short-lived).

So after an all around happy and uneventful morning, here are the final minutes, otherwise known as the cherry on top:

James is in italics, my responses are in bold.


I put your water in the freezer so it stays cold for longer at the track meet today (James is attending an adaptive track meet today).

Thanks, mom!

Remember to do your best and to have a fun time.

I’ll try to win!

If you get 1st through 10th place that’s a great job, as long as you tried hard. It’s no big deal if you don’t win, right?

I’ll do my best! And win!

Really great morning getting ready today, James. I am very happy with your attitude and listening this morning.

Yeah, I was really good, right?

You were awesome.

Yeah. (flashes a thumbs up)

Can you do me a favor and when you go downstairs to wait for dad stick this in the mailbox? (hand him a Netflix envelope)

(James sighs – have I pushed it too far this morning?)

Mom, for you – everything I’ll do.


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