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Top Ten: Reasons You Might Drop By The Last Meeting, Tomorrow at 9:00!

1. a really awesome handout, created by me. It’s updated from last year with dozens of new activities!

2. the chance to sign up for the Central Park Challenge (see my Top Ten reasons to join The Foorce for details)

3. get a free copy of Special Parent magazine. It’s good, and I don’t just say that because I have an article in there 🙂

4. a social occasion to chat with other parents (they do exist)

5. find out about summer classes, events and camp options in all 5 boroughs of NYC as well as surrounding areas.

6. learn about one-of-a-kind opportunities to try surfing, beach days, dance lessons, adaptive tennis, swimming, track and field, and kayaking, many free or low cost (I don’t know about you, but I’m not brave enough to try surfing with James alone!).

7. sign up for free playdates for your special needs child, their siblings and you, all at the same time (they do exist).

8. get free brochures, booklets, and information about hundreds of programs in the NYC area (more free stuff).

9. find out about some popular Fall activities like soccer and music classes – registration is already open!

10. meet the woman behind the madness and witness some of the madness (2 of my 3 children will be in attendance).


Insider’s tip: stop at Malecon across Amsterdam from PS 163 for the best cup of cafe con leche you’ll ever have. Unlike most things at this meeting it’s not free, but is really worth the $1.50. Hope to see you bright and early tomorrow!

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