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We Need Your Help – It’s Not Too Late To Support Or Join Our Team For the Central Park Challenge!

This is just a gentle reminder that our team, The Foorce, will be participating in the 2012 YAI Central Park Challenge for our third consecutive year on June 2, 2012, and we need your help to reach our goal!

We’ve been fortunate to have a great support system for James, including many people and programs in the city. We have been truly inspired by the work of the YAI Network and the difference they make in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities each day. Children and adults with disabilities rely on the YAI Network for basic services such as preschools, health care, housing, job training and more in order to reach their fullest potential and be active members of our community. We have also had a wonderful experience dealing personally with them as we continue to work on finding services for James.

There are several ways you can support us:
1) by joining our team – anyone is welcome, and when I say anyone I mean any age, ability, friends, family and strangers alike. To join, go to http://support.yai.org/goto/thefoorcereturns and click on the button that says “join team.”
2) by donating to our team – ANY amount is greatly appreciated by us and by the YAI. To donate to our team, please go to http://support.yai.org/goto/thefoorcereturns and click on “Support the Foorce!”
3) by cheering us on, in person or in spirit. Well wishes, happy thought and prayers are always appreciated 🙂
Still not feeling motivated, need more convincing? Please allow me to redirect you to the following link (there are free food offers inside this link, I promise).
The Top Ten Reasons To Join The Foorce 2012:

We hope to have our biggest team yet this year – remember that this event is incredibly family friendly with events for children as young as 2 and walkers/runners of ALL ages and abilities. Each year we have so much fun and love meeting new people – feel free to invite your own family and friends to join us as well! Again, if you are unable to join us but would like to support us please visit our team website – http://support.yai.org/goto/thefoorcereturns – every dollar is appreciated more than you know!
If you have questions or trouble with the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you from all of us for your time, generosity and consideration as we support a cause near and dear to our hearts.
The Searfoorce Family
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