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Monday Minute: Getting Back Into The Routine, Bully-Style

After a couple of weeks of no discernible schedule, it was time to help James get back on track. Just getting him on a track of any kind this morning was something of a challenge.


James is in italics, I am in bold.

(Walking into his room after his alarm has been blaring for 5 minutes, turn off)

Hey, bud. Time to get up.

No, I’m going to sleep a little more.

No, you need to get up. What would you like for breakfast?

I just need to sleep more.

Sorry, James, you have to get up and get dressed now. You don’t want to be late.

(Screaming) You’re a bully! Stop bullying me!!!!

Quiet down. Strike 1 towards your ipod time this morning.

No! I’m not getting dressed! (Blankets over head)

Strike 2. James, calm down before you lose your ipod.

(No response, I pull his blankets off)

Get out – you’re being a bully!!! (Pulls blankets over head)

Not another word, James. Get up right now.


Strike 3, no ipod this morning.

No! No! No! You’re being a bully!

You have 5 minutes before I send in your father.

(10 minutes later)

Can I have 2 more bagels with cream cheese please?


Thanks! And some more coffee? (aka warm milk with sugar and a touch of coffee)

(10 minutes later)

Okay, come get me after school. Okay, mom?

Okay – be a good boy!

Okay – I’ll be good. See you after school!  Give me a kiss on my cheek.

Bye, buddy.

Wait, you forgot my hug.

Okay, get going so you’re not late.

You’re the best mom! Love you!


Clearly, we’ve got some work to do but he’ll be chugging along in no time.

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