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Monday Minute: Possessions

Walking to school today, James and I were discussing last night’s reading of The Black Stallion Returns. Don’t worry, we don’t ruin any big plot points, though some of my beauty secrets are inadvertently revealed.


James is in italics and my responses are in bold.

Can you believe that man took the Black?

Well, he took the Black back because the horse was his.

The man took the Black back. The Black was Alec’s possession.

He was Alec’s possession?

That’s not nice that he took Alec’s possession.

That’s a big word to use – possession.

Like my possessions, my legos.

Your legos?

Yeah, like if the man came and took my possessions, all of my legos and stuff. And you know, your possessions.

My possessions – like what?

You know, all of that girl stuff. Girl possessions.

Like what?

Like all of your lotions and stuff.

My lotions?

Yeah girls have a lot of lotions they put on their faces and in their hair. And on their elbows.

What? On their elbows?

You just need your face lotion. Your possessions are your lotions and towels. If that man took my legos and your lotions that would be wrong!

Hey, don’t get so frustrated – the man is not even real.

Yeah, and he just took Alec’s possessions, not ours. Right?




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