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Monday Minute: Morning Manners

Sorry, my kids are not the only ones on Spring break (hence the Monday Minute on Tuesday). With no school this week, I thought the children and I could all sit down for a nice late (7:30am) breakfast together.


J = James, M = Margaret, A = Adam

(I walk into the room with two cups of juice)

Okay, I think that’s everything. 

M: May I please have more milk?

Only because you asked so nicely!

(I return with milk and paper towels)

M: Can I please have some cereal too, like James?

A: More cereal too please!

I love to hear all of these good manners!

(return with two bowls of cereal)

J: May I please have another waffle?

A: More waffles please!

M: can I have your toast?

(sighing) Guys, this is my last trip, anything else?

(making waffles)

J: (calling from dining room) May I have some more cereal?

M: Please!

J: Please!

(bring out box to table)

There, now everyone has as much cereal as they want.

M: (crying) my nail hurts! Look I have a boo-boo!

That’s a hangnail. Do you want a bandaid?

M: No I don’t want a hangnail!

J: May I please have more milk for my cereal?

Can you please go get it?

M: Can I have a bandaid?


M: Please!

(finally sitting, with A eating my soggy, leftover cereal and M crying over her hangnail)

James, where are you? the milk is in the fridge on the top shelf.

J: (calls from his room) I’m done, mom!

M: Adam pooped!

(Change A, come back to table – J is sitting back at the table)

J: Mom, are you going to eat that toast?

A: Waffles please!

J: Oh yeah, you forgot the waffles!


Ahhh, vacation.

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