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Top Ten: Reviews To Look For In April

I’m planning to devote the month of May to topics regarding mothers, so I am shaming myself into (finally) finishing the reviews I have saved in my Drafts folder by announcing them to you (there are actually more than ten, but i have to start somewhere!) We have thoroughly researched and experienced each of these places with James (and in many cases our toddlers, too). The reviews are all works already in progress, so if you see one that interests you more than others shoot me an email and I’ll move it to the top of the heap.

Top Ten: Upcoming Reviews

1. FDR Resort in Jamaica

2. James’s Middle School for 2012-2013 (we finally chose one, 13 tours later!)

3. The Million Dollar Quartet (look for coupon for this show to be posted soon)

4. Woodloch Family Resort

5. Rocking Horse Ranch

6. Holiday Inn Stroudsburg

7. Sesame Place

8. The Fulton Steamboat Inn (Amish Country PA)

9. White Post Farms

10. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

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