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Life With Autism: Share Your Story on April 2nd

CNN iReport is doing a special project on April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day. They want to see how autism impacts your life and what makes people with autism unique.

If you or a family member has autism and want to participate, all you’ll need is a video camera.


Here’s what to do (click here for more details):

On Monday, record a 30-second video.  If you are not the person with autism, try to record your video with that person next to you or somewhere in the frame.

1. Introduce yourself and explain your connection to autism. (Examples: “My name is Jane Smith and I have Autism,” or “My name is John Smith and my two sons are on the Autism spectrum.”)

2. Pick one thing you want the world to know about autism.

3. Then tell us: What’s one positive aspect of living with autism?

Please keep your video to 30 seconds or less.  Your responses may be featured on CNN. Click the link above to add your story now.

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