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Great Advertising Opportunity: DMF Journal Ads!

From the Trush Family:

To our friends,

We hope that you are doing well! We want to thank you and express our gratitude for being part of the DMF community! Our community is growing in so many ways, but most importantly, in the number of members we serve and in the programs that we offer. This spring we are now providing 45 classes to over 250 members through our On-Site and Off-Site Programs!

Consistent with prior years, we will be continuing our Journal Ads. However, starting this semester, they will only be created once per year in the spring (rather than twice) and will then be distributed at both the Spring and Holiday Music Celebrations.

We hope that you will consider purchasing an ad to help support DMF. The ads range from a 3-line Shout Out for $50 up to a full-page ad for $1,000 ($1,500 if you would like the ad designed by Eastwest Marketing Group). We appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing you soon.

Please click here to find more information on how you might participate in the Spring Journal.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Daniel, Ken, Nancy and Mike

Daniel’s Music Foundation
DMF Blog – www.danielsmusic.tumblr.com
(212) 289-8912


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