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Monday Minute: High Expectations

Apparently I’m not the only one with high expectations in this family.


My comments are in bold and James is in italics.

Guess what?! Tomorrow is a half day and since the weather will be nice I thought we could go on a picnic after I pick you up.

Just you and me?

Well, and your brother and sister…

Oh, okay.

But you can pick the food – what do you want me to make or pick up?

Well, since it’s a half day you could make us some fresh sushi!

Well, I don’t know if I’ll have enough time and that might not be a good picnic food for all of us. Anything else?

Ummm, turkey soup and stuffing?

That might be a little better for a dinner. Can you think of something that we don’t need to eat with a fork or spoon, like sandwiches or subs or burgers?

Hmmmm, you can eat sushi with your fingers.

Okay, what kind of sub do you want from Subway?

Chicken avocado. Oh and chips! And a drink.


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