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Monday Minute: Short and Sweet

It’s been a long day. Reentering the school schedule after a pleasant but crazy-busy week of break is always a difficult transition, especially for James. So it was no surprise that the day seemed to have a few extra hours in it. By the time I crawled into bed with James to read to him tonight, I was feeling exhausted, hormonal and a teeny-tiny bit grouchy. It’s a good thing he’s so oblivious sometimes.

James is in italics, my responses are in bold.

Okay bud, we have to make this short because I want to get your brother and sister into bed as soon as humanly possible. 

Okay, I picked out a few good chapters to read. 

Make it two or less and you have a deal. 

I just have these three right here. So, how was your day? 


What was your favorite part? 


Me too – I love to cuddle with you at bedtime! Don’t you like to cuddle? Huh, mom? Do you love to cuddle with me?

Yes, James, but let’s get reading, okay?

(2 chapters later)

Okay, bud. I really have to go get the babies to sleep now and you need to get a good night’s rest – it is way past bedtime. You need to wake up better tomorrow so you can earn the ipod. Not grumpy or whiny, with a smile and dressed. Understand? 

Sure, mom. See my smile?

Good – try to wake up like that. 

Even though you forgot my third chapter I will wake up like this (smiles real big) and earn some ipod. Do you love me so much?

Love you James. 

Love you mom! Good night!


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