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Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day? Here Are Some Great Resources!

I have a hot date tomorrow to “Noche de Amor.” Make that three hot dates – James, Margaret and Adam. Against my better interest we will be spending the better part of the day baking cupcakes and then bringing them to the big Valentine’s Day shindig at James’s school in the evening. If history is any indicator, we may have to leave at the first sign of a balloon, loud music or long lines (I have some tricks up my sleeve with James this year – check back this weekend to see how long we last). But my 2 yr old daughter is begging to go, the cupcakes aren’t going to walk themselves there, and my real date will likely be stuck at work, so what the heck, let’s do it.

If you’re not quite as brave (yes, that’s the word I’m sticking with) as I am but want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special needs loved one, here are some resources I’ve stumbled across this past week as we get out our red construction paper, glitter and candy hearts:

1. Easy Valentine’s Crafts For Adults With Disabilities

2. Valentine’s Treats For Special Diets

3. Expressing Friendship With Valentines

4. Make A Sensory Activity Box For Valentine’s Day

5. Valentine’s Fun For Learners With Multiple Special Needs

6. Super Simple Valentine’s Crafts

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