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Monday Minute: Nighttime IS Scary

Sensory defensiveness at its best.

As usual, James is in bold and I am in italics.


(Getting ready for bed, James is in his pajamas slowly getting teeth brushed and washing up)

James, stop picking at yourself.


Hey, James.


Stop picking at yourself – you’ve been doing this all night. what’s the issue?


You’re still doing it.


James, look at me. Put your hands to your sides so I can brush your teeth. Do you have to go to the bathroom?


(brushing James’s teeth for bed)


Mom, something is troubling me.

Troubling you? James, hands to yourself – last time. 

Yes, something is really troubling me this evening.



What is bothering you, James?

Mom, these underwear are really troubling.


Can you get me some new ones?

From where?

Out of my drawer – these are the wrong kind.


I hand him a new pair of underwear, Hanes tagless brand.

Thanks, mom. I am going to put this troubling pair of underwear where it belongs – in the dirty laundry. 


I hope this story doesn’t give you nightmares tonight.

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