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Monday Minute: Short and Sweet

If you compare last week’s Monday Minute with this week’s you will be amazed at what a difference getting back on schedule makes (I know I am). James was coherent, conversational and even kind of cute today as we walked to school, a welcome change from the last couple of weeks.

James is in italics, I am in bold italics.


Do you like wearing your girls boots? What makes you think they’re girls boots? that clopping sound they’re making. Do you like boots that make clopping sounds? do you hear it? clop clop clop clop? boys boots don’t make that noise. yeah I guess not.

Mad Libs today were pretty funny. Yeah, good thing you earned them with your good behavior this morning. what was your favorite one? I liked the Christmas Carol one. I like the Transylvania New Year one. yeah, that was pretty funny too. It was more funny. they were both good.

Did you have fun at the concert yesterday? It was really good. Yeah but it was too much noise from the people clapping and cheering. only because you did so good. and whistling. what was your favorite song? All of them. You looked very handsome. Yeah my new pants are very handsome right? And my new shirt?

Hey you should write your letter to Santa so he has time to make your presents. Will Pepper make them (our Elf on the Shelf)? No, Pepper isn’t in charge of making toys. Ohhhh because Pepper is a kidwatcher. right. He’s in charge of watching us kids for behavior and reporting it back to Santa. Yep. 

My hands are cold. Put them in your pockets. No I need you to hold them for me and warm them up. do you want my gloves? No I’m fine, just help me and hold them for me. You can take these gloves if you want them. If you hold them for me then we can go faster, okay? Okay. I love you.


And with that my phone went back into my pocket and the Monday Minute was officially over, though the conversation was definitely not.

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