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DMF Music Video Online (Thank You Song)

You’ve heard me rave about Daniel’s Music Foundation on numerous occasions, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this video with you. Last Spring DMF was invited to speak at the prestigious Gel conference and just this past week their performance was put online. During the presentation Daniel performed his own composition with a small group of members, teachers, and one DMF parent – me. Coincidentally with the holiday this week, his piece is titled “Thank You Song.” Listening to it always makes me feel incredibly grateful, among other things.

Though it pains me to be in pictures of any kind (much less moving pictures), the music and story in the video is special enough to make an allowance, just this once.

Click here to watch DMF in action!

And, make sure to check back for updates on the DMF Winter Concert coming up on December 11th.

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