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Electronic Copy of Special Needs Sports and Extracurricular Activities

I sincerely enjoy receiving email comments and questions, and pride myself on replying personally to every last one when possible, even if it takes a week (sorry!). But, I have finally acknowledged that responding to every request for this handout since Friday’s meeting, while not impossible, is a much larger time commitment than anticipated. 5 long days, 1 fiercely dramatic 2 yr old and an equally unpleasant teething 12 month old later, I have officially given up.

So, here is the aforementioned handout, online for your bulk viewing pleasure! If you got an email from me saying “visit thefoorce.com for the handout,” you have arrived at the right post.

CLICK HERE to open Special Needs Sports and Extracurricular Activities in the NYC Area. FYI, this is an electronic version of the main handout distributed at each meeting (see Upcoming Events for future meeting dates). This handout was edited in October 2011 – I usually update the document 3-4 times per year, adding new programs, resources and events as I find them. Despite the abundance of amazing resources here in the city, I try to limit this handout to 10 pages or less, keeping it manageable.

If you see an error, are looking for information not listed, or don’t see a program/event/activity you think should be included, email me or leave a comment below.

  1. acamom
    October 26, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    hi, I think this is a great idea!!

    i have a child with ASD with sensory issues and i am looking for a middle school that goes up to 12 grade in nyc i would also like to know how i can visit the school during school hours.



    • October 26, 2011 at 3:59 pm

      I am starting my middle school tours tomorrow, some public schools and some private special needs schools, and plan to review each one of them afterward. Are you in Manhattan? If so, there are only a couple of schools I have found that go middle through the end of high school – appealing to us, too!

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