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Monday Minute: Brought To You By The Year 2009

For more background on how Monday Minute came to be, see my post on Machine Gun Mouth. In the conversation below, my responses to James are in bold:

What happens to the ball? What ball? What happens to the ball when a dog drops it? It falls? No, what happens on the ball? What James? Buddy sometimes slobs on the ball. Buddy (my parents’ dog that died in 2009)?  

Today is a busy day. Buddy came in the car with us. He just enjoyed the ride. He stuck his head out the window. 

Are you excited about music today?

I didn’t know he could do that. Hey mom one thing that happened he got sick. he got real, real, real sick and then he died and went to heaven and grandpa missed him.  So…. we went trick or treating. (in 2009) what? As soon as it got dark. So… let me tell you what we did. We headed for the houses. Do you love grandpa? Of course. Your dad is my dad. Your dad is my grandpa. And he loves us very much do you know what game I used to play with him? Trouble. You know, Trouble? Tr-tr-trouble. Yes I know the game. You know how many sixes I got in that game? But Grandpa won you should congratulate him. Grandpa won? I tried to win but he kicked mine and Grandma’s butts.

Oh remember the bathroom race we had at the farm? (flash forward to 2011) this weekend? and it was a tie which means nobody wins. or nobody lost. 

(walking past a dead sparrow on the sidewalk) sometimes birds die. yuck. they die. remember that pigeon? what pigeon? the dead one. hey mom what is green and white? what does green and white stand for? and yellow? the green cafe! see? the green and white and yellow balloons stand for the green cafe! James we have to cross the street right now. see those balloons? hustle! 3-2-1, just hold my hand. look it’s counting down from 10 now. are you very proud of me for getting dressed so quickly? 

Oh I forgot when we get to school I need some refreshing water. Then I will be ready. I really love that water. It’s mine. the water? no, music class. are you excited about music class? how will Daniel feel when he sees me? really happy? I bet he will be glad to see you. That’s because it’s a great day. It’s a beautiful day today. right, mom? let’s walk in the shade.

So there you heard it, the first of many (many, many) Monday Minutes to come. It’s a beautiful day today, enjoy!

  1. October 24, 2011 at 11:57 am

    That’s funny! It IS a beautiful day today.

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