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Because I’m Behind On My Thank You Notes (also read this if you can’t get your adolescent special needs child out of bed in the morning)

Dear Nancy,

You might not remember this, but about 6 months ago when I was complaining to you about how rough of a time I was having waking James in the morning, you suggested buying him his own alarm clock. I thought that was a splendid idea – make waking up objective, let him take it out on the alarm clock rather than his mother. So, thank you for the stellar idea!


Dear Laura,

I owe you a serious note of gratitude for the amazing alarm clock. IOU. Seriously. Totally indebted. Best. Gift. Ever.


After another rough start to the school year morning routine, I was reminded of my conversation with Nancy and asked my mother-in-law Laura for an alarm clock as a birthday gift for James. And not just any alarm clock, but the Hot Wheels Snore Slammer alarm clock so that James would not realize this was anything other than an awesome present.

For me! The first morning the alarm went off, “Start Your Engines!!! VVVrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooommmm…. Screeeeeeeecccch. He’s over the checkered flag!” James was out of his room in less than 5 seconds. He appeared in the bathroom door looking startled, and frankly, kind of sad. Brushing my teeth, I nonchalantly said, “Cool alarm, did you press the snooze button?” “Yeah,” he said. “That alarm scared the living daylights out of me!” “Well, it’s over now – it sounded awesome,” I replied.

Next morning. Same thing – maybe 3 seconds alarm-to-door time. I did a silent dance of glee with Ryan in the hallway as I heard James rush to turn the noise off. This time though, on return to his room James started dawdling on his bed. Naked. “If you don’t get dressed fast enough the alarm might go off again,” I said casually. “Just press the snooze button again.” James was dressed without another prompt. It’s a miracle, I tell you!

We are four mornings in now and no sign of letting up – the announcer is still as enthusiastic as ever and James is definitely not getting  used to race cars squealing around his room at 7am. It’s becoming hard to believe that we fought with him practically every morning for the last 5 years about getting out of bed. But tonight when I went to set the alarm James asked, “Could you put it on music and not the car noise?” So of course I did, assuring him that the radio would come on tomorrow morning.

I also turned up the volume a little, just in case.

  1. Laura
    September 30, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Dear Michaela,

    So glad the alarm clock was successful in its mission! Can’t wait to hear it in person.



  2. Diana
    September 23, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Great story! Love following the family! Love to all!

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