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WSSL VIP (Special Needs) Division Starts September 18: Info and FAQs

Another reason to love Fall is soccer in Central Park! West Side Soccer League VIP Division starts this weekend and I for one am looking forward to spending beautiful Sunday afternoons in Central Park while my kids burn off some energy (plenty of space nearby fields for siblings to run around). It’s not too late to join – the VIP Division is really good about trying to fit everyone onto an appropriate team (see #3 below). Below are some FAQs about the first week including location and schedule info. Hope to see you there!

WSSL VIP Division – Week 1 Q&A

Welcome!!!  Soccer starts this Sunday!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am.  

1.  Location

We play in the North Meadow/Central Park  to the B fields (Ultimate Frisbee)
Fields B1 and B2.  We are closers to the west side than East.


2.  Time

Week 1 – all players need to arrive at 10:00

After week, Rising Stars  at 10:00
                 Juniors/Seniors  play at 11:30

We will separate Rising Stars and Juniors/Seniors by age and ability.  Generally speaking the split will be kids born before/after 2002.

3.  Kids who want to play will play

We will continue to engage any family that wants to play.  
If a family is assigned to the wrong division, we can get that squared away Week 1. 
 I already sent a note to people who were in VIP, to help identify families that
 were in our division by mistake.  There were six. 

4.  Uniform Issues

We ALWAYS have uniform issues the first day.  There are never enough in the correct sizes, so most
of the first day is spent getting information for re-order.  A uniform is:

– Jersey
– Shorts
– Socks
– Shinguards

Spiked shoes are not allowed on the North Meadow.


  1. September 19, 2011 at 9:58 am

    we just found out about this- can we come next weekend and join up?

    • September 19, 2011 at 10:08 am

      Lisa, I emailed you with more info, but in short I believe you can come next week and sign up on the field.

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