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Special Needs Sitter, Tutor, Buddy: This Penny is Worth a Million!

I’m not sure she would appreciate my little pun, but I am very excited to have found Penny! We hired her to work with James this summer, and she is exactly the young, energetic person I was hoping to find. Penny has volunteered for several of James’s special needs athletic teams, so James is already familiar with her, and so are we for that matter. She is going to work with James a couple of times per week this summer on some academic areas, but also play games and do outdoor activities with him as well. She’s also going to help us with the whole bike-riding dream I have.

I have included a short introduction written by Penny, in case you are looking for a similar situation this summer and would like to hire her (as long as it isn’t full time!). You can her at pensav93@gmail.com if you are interested or want more information.

From Penny:

I am 17 years old, going into my Senior year of high school at Columbia Preparatory School on the UWS.   I have been working with kids for about six years now.  I have been babysitting for the same family since I was 11 years old, they now have two boys, six and two.  Also, I have participated in the West Side Soccer League’s division for children with special needs, Basketball Buddies with Ken McGrory’s division for children with special needs, and I worked at the JCC summer camp the summer of 2010 for the University division for kids with special needs.  I am comfortable tutoring in just about every subject except Science.  I have taken Spanish for four years now and would be comfortable tutoring in that.  I love playing and teaching sports and any other types of games or activities.

Snatch her up now – there are only so many days in a week and we have claimed two of them!

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