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Special Needs Baseball FAQs – starts April 17th in Riverside Park!

Here is a follow up email full of FAQs to those of you who are registered and those of you considering signing up for special needs baseball this season. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email me.
Here is the email from Division Head Jim Karpe:
Your child needs a baseball glove the first day.  That is all.
Recommendation: Avoid a mitt which is too big.  For most of our kids, a glove between 8 1/2 inches and 11 inches is best.
Adult gloves are typically 12 1/2 inches.
Of course a good idea to have some balls at home for playing catch and practice during the week.
The league provides helmets, bats, and balls.  Our preference is to not have you bring your own bat.  And there are certain exotic bats which are banned by Little League.
We are trying out three different game balls this year.  The Majors use a special hard-but-low-mass ball.  Our Minors will use a softer ball which is standard for Little League T-ball.  And to reduce both fear and bumps, our Rising Stars will start out using special softest-of-all yellow-foam balls that were originally developed for pitching machines.  We will make adjustments during the season as needed.
Just south of the fields, a Parks Dept building has Mens and Womens rooms, with entrances facing the Riverwalk.
Just north of the fileds, the Boat Basin Cafe also has Mens and Womens rooms, with entrances onto the circular space, right next to each curving stairway.
I believe all our coaches from last year are returning, though I have not yet heard from a couple of them.  We do need new/additional coaches, due to increased enrollment, travel schedules, and etc– especially for our Rising Stars (youngest kids– Bush league).
If you have friends, relations, neighbors, teenagers who are interested in helping out, all are welcome.  There is a form to fill out, and we will want them to bring a photocopy of their picture ID.
And of course all of us parents need to help out, on the field or off– especially for the Rising Stars, who will be doing a lot of basic skill development.  We will need parents who can run various practice stations, including T-ball batting practice, live-pitching, throwing practice, catching practice, etc.  If you know something about baseball, great.  If not, I can teach you what little I know in about three minutes, and we have other resources available.
Hope to see many of you at the park next weekend!
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