Monday Minute: Can I email Fresh Direct about this?


One of the things I love about Fresh Direct is their awesome customer service. Bad produce? Smushed bread? Broken eggs? All it takes is a quick email to customer service and within minutes you receive an earnest reply with an apology and a credit for the unacceptable items. The groceries are delivered in cardboard boxes, and I often leave putting away the produce for last since I just line it along the counter anyway. Well apparently I forgot an entire box of fruit this afternoon. My mistake. Upon opening it, I found this. 

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Top Ten 2013 Resolutions: The Results Are (Finally) In!

January 13, 2014 1 comment

Times_Square_Ball_from_aboveIn 2013 I continued the tradition of posting my New Year’s resolutions to the general public in an effort to better keep them. And here we are, unbelievably, in the second week of 2014. I noticed that last year I posted my results on New Year’s Eve and my resolutions on New Year’s Day. How did that happen?!

Reluctantly, as I worked on goals for 2014, I took a look at last year’s resolutions. Here is my report card in all of its glory. Kind of.

In 2013, I firmly resolved to: Read more…

Top Ten: Things Our Christmas Tree Probably Wanted to Know Before Moving In

not our tree

Not our tree.

1. There’s only time to water you once a day. Trust me, I understand what it feels like to want a drink around 6pm, but take it easy.

2. Try not to feel embarrassed about the eyes and mouth we made for you. Ever since Adam found out about the drinking water thing he knows you’re still alive. And if you’re alive you obviously have to have eyes and a mouth so Margaret can tell if you’re awake or asleep. Duh. Read more…

Gift Ideas For Special Needs Parents and Teachers

256px-Red_Christmas_present_on_white_backgroundThe holiday season is in full swing – does anyone else feel like Christmas sucker-punched you this year? 12 days away? 8 days left of Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping? 6 school days left to show the teachers you can come up with something better than a #1 teacher mug? 16 teachers, paras, and therapists to sincerely acknowledge without taking out a second mortgage?

Don’t panic – I stumbled across a site that might help you out. Click here if you’re looking for a low cost but high quality way to spruce up those gift cards. You Are Strong, You Deserve A Break, You Are Blessed, You Make A Difference… these are just a few of the 28 “Love Notes” found on this site.

You can write them into a card, frame them, incorporate one into a craft with your special needs child, engrave one onto a pencil box (or mug), or use them to inspire your own words. If you’re looking for something slightly more elaborate, you could always wrap one of your favorite love notes around one of these and put some of this in it – what busy parent or teacher wouldn’t appreciate an easy, beautifully put together meal? No, I’m not hinting! Unless my husband happens to be reading this…

The Child’s Place: Special Needs Programming At Brooklyn Public Library

Monday Minute: Multitasking (The Orange Rhino Project)

December 3, 2013 1 comment

showerDespite being a professional multitasker (self-proclaimed), I’ve been falling woefully short on my To-Do list lately, as evidenced by the lack of Monday Minutes. It seems as though the more “minutes” I come up with to write about, the less time I have to write them. 

A few weeks ago I found a fabulous website about The Orange Rhino challengeI was inspired by a fellow mommy-blogger who resolved to stop yelling at her four children - reading her story was reading about my own life, and in that moment I decided to take the challenge. I made it through 7 days of not yelling at my kids – it wasn’t easy but it was a good, satisfying week. Of course, I blew it on day 8, then on days 2, 2, 4 and 2 since (what is it with the second day?), not in a monumental way but in a snappy comment after long days and one-too-many spills or accidents.

The reason I’m telling you about Orange Rhino is not because I love public humiliation, but because otherwise you’ll be completely lost in what follows. See, part of the Orange Rhino process is telling people about your mission so that you have support, witnesses and scorekeepers while you struggle – I mean, commit. And some of those people you must tell are your children. So one night I sat down at dinner and told them of my plan, which was basically to keep control when they lost it and to quietly punish them without yelling (and to respect them as human beings, cherish this time in our lives, etc. etc.). I told them they could remind me about not yelling by telling me “Orange Rhino,” and that if I yelled I would lose my gold star at the end of the day. They really took my crusade to heart. In a gleeful, persistent way.

It’s moments like this one that really challenge me. Mark my words, one day I’m going to hit the big time with this Monday Minute. In just a minute, it has laughter, tears, love, angst, fear, stunts, injury and redemption. It’s even got a frightened-woman-in-the-shower scene (cue screechy music here). Read more…

Top Ten: Kid-Friendly (and Parent-Friendly) Christmas Movies We Watch Every Year

November 28, 2013 2 comments

RockefellerTree2005Watching holiday movies together is a favorite evening activity in our house, not to mention it’s getting kids ready for Christmas and bedtime in one fell swoop! We watch (a lot) more than this throughout the season, but this list is of our hands-down favorites. Read more…


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