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Top Ten: Additional Reasons To Register For The Central Park Challenge (PHOTO edition)

One of my favorite events of the year is around the corner so I’m more than happy to tell you ten more good reasons that you should join our team, The Foorce Finale! But since it’s all pretty much been said already, why not show you ten more reasons to join us for 2014?

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Top Ten: Reasons To Join Our 2014 Central Park Challenge Team, The Foorce Finale!

bumper stickerOne of my favorite events of the year is around the corner and I am more than happy to tell you ten good reasons as to why you should join our walk/run team this year. The Central Park Challenge is on June 7, 2014, and I truly hope you will be able to be there and see for yourself what all the (well deserved) hype is about.


1. It’s your last chance to join our team, ever.  Read more…

Allergen-Free Bakeries in NYC

20140222_161159_resizedCheck out my latest post on Mommy Poppins, where I turn Ian’s allergies into a delicious experience (though I’m counting the days until I have a real slice of pizza!).

Monday Minute: Why was B afraid of D?

I'm going to try "Why did the chicken cross the road?" on them next.

I’m going to try “Why did the chicken cross the road?” on them next.

Nope, that’s not some clever trick title. It’s the beginning of a variety of jokes told around the house, ever since nobody got my “Why was 6 afraid of 7″ joke. Here’s the dinner conversation this evening:

Brigid (my sister): Hey Adam, why was B afraid of C?

Adam: I can’t do a joke right now.

Brigid: Oh, well….

Adam (finishes chewing): Okay, I’m ready now. Why was B afraid of D? Read more…

Special Needs-Friendly Ski Resorts Near NYC: Adaptive Winter Programs For Kids

In celebration of all of this (damned) snow, CLICK HERE to read my latest article on Mommy Poppins, and as an extra bonus a cute picture of Ryan and Margaret romping in the snow :)

Monday Minute: Why sometimes it’s actually worth checking out the Special Features on a DVD

January 25, 2014 2 comments
Some other Oompa Loompa fans...

Some other Oompa Loompa fans…

In between dinner and bed, the kids always have “movie time,” which is a fancy name for “stop wrestling and sit quietly on the couch while mom chases peas across the floor.” Anyway, long story short, once the movie is over (or I finish cleaning) everyone knows it’s time to get ready for bed – no muss, no fuss. Except when the special features on said movie are actually special.

The following video is a 2 minute excerpt of the epic dance party we have every time we watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. One of the special features is learning to dance like an Oompa Loompa for two of the songs (if you haven’t seen this movie, the Oompa Loompa shows throughout are reason enough). Even James, who is sometimes a little embarrassed to be seen dancing with his baby brothers and sister, can’t resist. You can see him start to get into the action at the edge of the screen, right before he breaks it down for you. CLICK HERE to be entertained.

Yes, the Monday Minute is on a Saturday. But technically, it happened on Monday…


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